A little goes a long way

Take the time to think about the behaviours that lead for you to have a memorable encounter with a person or place. Think about how someones first few words and actions set the tone for success or failure.

How does this impact how you can lead by example, but also if you are representing something besides yourself, how does it impact for a positive reputation and credibility boost?

In this insight a personal anecdote to illustrate about how a little time and good communication can change how a person interacts with you, your space, and sets them up for success going forward.

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Communicate with intent

When we take a moment to center ourselves to communicate with intent, we demonstrate respect, recognition and a openness to understanding that will help facilitate forward looking dialogue.

When people are able to communicate in an environment that is safe, at a time when their basic needs like being nourished and well rested, and with time for the conversation, and with awareness of what the conversation is about, we set a stage for forward looking positive communication.

Have a read to find out more about the benefits of communicating with intent.

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It's not you, it's me.

When faced with difficult conversations we need to take the time to recognize how our own feelings and opinions can sabotage us from being effective communicators. In this insight we discuss a bit on why this is and how we can begin to change this.

So the next time you are having a challneging conversation, remember, it’s not you, it’s me.

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Taking the time to listen

It is important that we take the time to listen to others without interruption and judgement when they are sharing how they felt in a situation. What they perceived and how they experienced it is uniquely theirs and we must acknowledge and validate that.

If what they experienced is not what we intended, then it is important to explore why so as to better understand each other and help mitigate it from happening in the future.

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When is an open question a loaded question?

Ever think about why some questions make you bristle, feel like you are being interrogated, or unjustly accused…?

The way in which we frame our questions can create opportunities or close the door in our faces. Take a moment to see how being aware of the questions we ask, and how providing them with a descriptive context can provide a good starting frame of reference for the respondent to build their responses from.

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Why Moroto Talks

Why Moroto Talks? Here is a short personal essay describing a little bit about where I come from in my teaching approaches, and why good interpersonal communication can increase the overall effectiveness, efficiency and reputation of an organization.

There are three fabulous Moroto Talks Micro skills lunch and learn sessions coming up in Qualicum Beach- check out the events section for details, and click purchase to secure your seats.

Interested in having me come to you? Contact me to organize courses in your neck of the woods!

Stay tuned for more insights on good interpersonal skills.


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