Understanding Does Not Mean the Same Thing as Agreement

Understanding does not mean the same thing as agreement.

This is a very common refrain, nay mantra, that you need to ingrain into your communication style.

It can be hard to share information with others when we have been preconditioned to keep our cards close and not show vulnerability.

This approach is in fact counter productive to effective communication, and leads to assumptions, and promotes a competitive environment.

Life is not a zero sum game. By sharing and receiving information, we are able to better see the most effective and mutually beneficial path forward. In an often supercharged and competitive environment, this can actually give us the advantage. this includes sharing of ourselves so others can better see how to work with us.

When we take the time to share how a situation impacts us we learn how others are impacted and can better fine tune our products, messaging, approaches and attitudes based on this information.

When we hear another’s perspective, we learn about not only their point of view, but also our own and can develop a deeper understanding of the other and prepare how we can interact more successfully with them for a more well rounded and balanced approach.

When we share our expectations, we allow others to participate with us, rather than be ambushed by them.

While ignorance may be bliss, it is no excuse. Take the time to listen, take the time to understand, and know that you do not have to agree - but remember as well that a well informed approach is likely a successful one.

Trish MorotoComment