Interviewing 101 - NOW LIVE!!

It is interesting how life comes about when you are working on building new projects from old skills.

I was inspired while working with a group to create a useful and succinct interviewing course for them as I realized many people take advantage of their communication skills, feeling they are well equipped to run an interview. Often times we jump into tasks and projects without conscientiously stopping and reviewing the tricks and approaches of thoughtful communication in such a ‘mundane’ task as interviewing.

This interviewing course is designed to remind us all of the simple things we do everyday to promote effective communication and how they can be tools for effective interviewing.

I have interviewed thousands of people and taught this course at a university level for future law enforcement professionals. I have used these same simple strategies to set me up to conduct in depth employment interviews, and now, as a matter of course as I learn about new programs and opportunities for my other ventures.

I think you will enjoy the refresh and new perspectives that this course has to offer, there are free portions of the course to preview - click on the link below to check to hear a little more about how your effective interpersonal communication can easily be applied to an interviewing framework for productive, successful forward looking interviews.

approximately a one hour program, and an introductory preliminary course price of $25

Trish Moroto