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NOW LIVE: Interviewing 101

Frustrated by the lack of participation in your interviews?

Feel like it is a struggle to get details and flow for increased depth of discussions?

Want to make interviewing a tangible measurable process for successful interviews?

Then check out this interviews skills class to help you up your interviewing game – for winning results!

New to seasoned interviewers will get tangible behaviours you can practice daily to help improve not only your interviewing skills, but for improved daily interpersonal communications as well.  The interview framework is there to help facilitate understanding and participation by all parties, no matter the purpose of the interview. 

Your instructor:

Trish Moroto has over twenty years of experience stemming from interest based communication – using these same interview techniques and tactics in mediation, negotiation, employment and law enforcement interviews, and for market research as an entrepreneur. 

Because good interpersonal communication is important in everything we do.

Watch this short video to find out more.

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